Volume 22 Issue 05
Author(s) : Dr. Surekha R Gondkar, Mr. Manohar Nayak K, Mr. N S K K K Naga Jayanth, Ms. S Niruppama Shree & Mr. Sonu Kumar
Page No : 1342-1351
DOI : 10.37896/YMER22.05/E1
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142 Title : Enhancing Road Safety through Drowsiness Detection in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Using Artificial Intelligence
Author(s) : Mayank Agrawal & Dr. Monika Sharma
Page No : 1352-1362
DOI : 10.37896/YMER22.05/E2
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143 Title : Inhibition of the enzyme cyclo-oxygenase and reducing the levels of PGE2 in the hypothalamus of rats by using smilax china., leaves extract
Author(s) : Dr. Ch.Swapna & Anuradha sakineni
Page No : 1363-1371
DOI : 10.37896/YMER22.05/E3
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144 Title : Designing a sociological model of institutionalizing public sports with emphasis on ethical values (Case study: female students of Payam Noor University, Kermanshah province)
Author(s) : Ali Ahmadi
Page No : 1372-1384
DOI : 10.37896/YMER22.05/E4
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Author(s) : Vikrant Chaudhary & Dr Deepa Gupta
Page No : 1385-1396
DOI : 10.37896/YMER22.05/E5
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Author(s) : Aditi Borkar & Aditya Khotte
Page No : 1397-1411
DOI : 10.37896/YMER22.05/E6
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147 Title : The Regulatory Aspects of 3d Printing: Implications for Pharmaceuticals
Author(s) : Vivek Reddy M, Madhu Chandana & Ganesh GNK
Page No : 1412-1424
DOI : 10.37896/YMER22.05/E7
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148 Title : Thermodynamic and Spectroscopic properties of binary liquid mixtures of p-chloroacetophenone and isomeric xylenes at various temperatures
Author(s) : Maganti Radha Sirija, N. Gayatridevi & D. Ramachandran
Page No : 1425-1446
DOI : 10.37896/YMER22.05/E8
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149 Title : Comparative Analysis of the use of Machine Learning in Cloud Computing Security
Author(s) : Arpit Tripathi & Sapna Sinha
Page No : 1447-1453
DOI : 10.37896/YMER22.05/E9
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150 Title : Impact of Patient Counselling on Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice in Hypertension Management
Author(s) : Hossamaldeen Bakrey, Karan Trehan, Shubham Thakur, Abdulkadir Abdu & Narayana Goruntla
Page No : 1454-1467
DOI : 10.37896/YMER22.05/F0
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151 Title : On Vertex strongly*-graph of some constructed graphs
Author(s) : S Yoga & A Suganthi Priya
Page No : 1468-1472
DOI : 10.37896/YMER22.05/F1
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152 Title : Assessing the Impact of Tourism on Fishermen\'s Income
Author(s) : Lis M Yapanto, Yumanraya Noho & Funco Tanipu
Page No : 1473-1478
DOI : 10.37896/YMER22.05/F2
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153 Title : Load Balancing IN Cloud Computing through Ant colony Optimization for dynamic datastream
Author(s) : Sourabh Bajaj
Page No : 1479-1485
DOI : 10.37896/YMER22.05/F3
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154 Title : Using RNN Language Model Effect on the Development of Speech Recognition System: A Review
Author(s) : Abbas Mohamad Ali, Nawroz Ibrahim Hamadamen & Haider Abdula Haddad
Page No : 1486-1054
DOI : 10.37896/YMER22.05/F4
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155 Title : Deciphering the Pathways towards Analysis of Existing Health care services by use of AI to Respiratory Diseases concerning Cough study: Future Challenges and Applications
Author(s) : Nitin Kataria, Sapna Sinha & Himanshu Monga
Page No : 1505-1525
DOI : 10.37896/YMER22.05/F5
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156 Title : Development of a Stochastic Model for the Detection of Ransomware Malware Using Hybrid Analysis and Machine Learning Techniques
Author(s) : Akram Albanaa, Subrata Sahana & Jabir Ali
Page No : 1526-1534
DOI : 10.37896/YMER22.05/F6
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157 Title : A Study on Barriers of Higher Education for Women Scheduled Tribe Students of Bishnupur in North 24 Parganas
Author(s) : Dina Das & Kishor Kumar Roy
Page No : 1535-1544
DOI : 10.37896/YMER22.05/F7
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158 Title : Antioxidant and cytotoxic effects of novel pyrazolopyrimidines on MCF-7 and HepG-2 Cell lines: ADMET, PASS Prediction and Molecular Docking Studies
Author(s) : Sathish Kumar Mittapalli, Ch. Hari Prasad Murthy, Jay Prakash Soni, Parameshwar Ravula, Nimisha Jain & Sager Pamu
Page No : 1545-1568
DOI : 10.37896/YMER22.05/F8
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159 Title : CNT based Strain Sensor for Wearable Health Monitoring
Author(s) : Rashmi Dhongade & Sachin Komble
Page No : 1569-1574
DOI : 10.37896/YMER22.05/F9
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160 Title : HIOT: A Case Study of IOT based Health Care Ecosystem Using Machine Learning
Author(s) : Meenakshi Sharma & Bhavneet Singh
Page No : 1575-1590
DOI : 10.37896/YMER22.05/G0
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