Volume 23 Issue 05
21 Title : Virtual Disaster Management using Gaming Technology
Author(s) : Prajwal Bhagat, Pranjal Sonawane, Vishal B Ambhore, Dr. Subhash Tatale, Dr. Nivedita Bhirud & Piyush K Mathurkar
Page No : 217-223
DOI : 10.37896/YMER23.05/21
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22 Title : I2C Master Chip Design for Data Communication
Author(s) : Ketan J. Raut, Minal Deshmukh, Yash Nalle, Satyam Agrawal, Vedant Tangadpalliwar & Vaibhav Pavnaskar
Page No : 224-236
DOI : 10.37896/YMER23.05/22
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Author(s) : DR. M. S. Geetha & Dr. Nimmi Maria Oommen
Page No : 237-242
DOI : 10.37896/YMER23.05/23
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Author(s) : Manish Katiyar, Trupti Hegde, Jatin Rawat, KB Nithin & Keerthi K
Page No : 243-247
DOI : 10.37896/YMER23.05/24
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25 Title : Study of Structural Investigation and Opto Electronic Properties of Titania Nanoparticles with the Impact of Amino-Acids by Microwave Irradiation Method at High Temperature
Author(s) : Praveena Paneerselvam, Vadamalar Rathinam & Hemavathi A
Page No : 248-262
DOI : 10.37896/YMER23.05/25
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26 Title : Chemotherapeutic potential of Zanthoxylum armatum fruits and isolated compounds against A459 and HT-29 cell lines
Author(s) : Dr. Zulfa Nooreen, Preeti Sharma, Yasmin Bano, Arjoo Khatoon, Sudeep Tandon & Ateeque Ahmad
Page No : 263-270
DOI : 10.37896/YMER23.05/26
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27 Title : IoT- Security System with Nodemcu ESP8266 Integration and Telegram Alerts
Author(s) : Mahesh Shendage, Divya Sonavale, Piyush Mathurkar & Vishal Ambhore
Page No : 271-274
DOI : 10.37896/YMER23.05/27
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28 Title : Implementation of Secure Medical Consultation Platform using Blockchain
Author(s) : Ayush Goel, Madhur Jain & R. Kayalvizhi
Page No : 275-280
DOI : 10.37896/YMER23.05/28
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29 Title : New approach to solve fuzzy transportation problem with pentagonal fuzzy costs through interval transportation problem
Author(s) : B.S. Surya Prabhavati & V. Ravindranath
Page No : 281-301
DOI : 10.37896/YMER23.05/29
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30 Title : Beyond Signatures: An ML Based Two-Stage Engine for Early Ransomware Detection on Windows Systems
Author(s) : Ouedraogo Martial, Nikiema Benito, Tamiano Banda & Subrata Sahana
Page No : 302-325
DOI : 10.37896/YMER23.05/30
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31 Title : Cyclone Intensity Estimation Using Deep Learning
Author(s) : Mangesh Balpande, Kalpesh Patil, Aditya Mali, Abhinash Joshi & Rohan Mahajan
Page No : 326-337
DOI : 10.37896/YMER23.05/31
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32 Title : Attendance System Using Deep Learning
Author(s) : DR. JAYASHREE TAMKHADE, VIkrant Kavitkar, Prathamesh Bhaskar, Anup Ghunawat & Virendra Aligave
Page No : 338-346
DOI : 10.37896/YMER23.05/32
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33 Title : Time series analysis and forecasting in Stock market – A survey
Author(s) : Nakshatra Pawar
Page No : 347-353
DOI : 10.37896/YMER23.05/33
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34 Title : Enhancing Prison Security with GPS Technology Along with The Health Monitoring system
Author(s) : Harsh, Sahil Wagh, Sandesh Kangude & Dipti Pandit
Page No : 354-367
DOI : 10.37896/YMER23.05/34
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35 Title : Surveillance Car Bot Using Esp32 Cam Module
Author(s) : Mrs. Kalpana Kumbhar, Vedant G. Ibitwar, Jay B. Kolhe, Mrunmayee P. Kudale & Sayali R. Rathod
Page No : 368-377
DOI : 10.37896/YMER23.05/35
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36 Title : Chat Bot Service Integrator for Businesses along with AI Generated EM-Forms
Author(s) : Nitish Kumar, Reeshika Gupta, Mohit Singh, Shivanshu Gupta & Ms. Deepti Gangwar
Page No : 378-383
DOI : 10.37896/YMER23.05/36
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37 Title : AI Powered Image Captioning App for Visually Impaired
Author(s) : Mohammed Mudassir Viquar, Prateek Sourav, Semparidhi. G & Dr. Divyashree B A
Page No : 384-393
DOI : 10.37896/YMER23.05/37
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38 Title : Viddhagnikarma - A Widespread Perspective to Counteract Malady Featuring Katigata vata i.e. Pelvic Disc Herniation - A Unique Case Report.”
Author(s) : Mangi Pure & Sudesh Lamoria
Page No : 394-409
DOI : 10.37896/YMER23.05/38
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39 Title : Passenger Safety System
Author(s) : Sankalp Akkewar, Vedant Bajare, Saksham Singh, Yash Vijapure, Dr. Aparna Barbedkar & Kalpana Pardeshi
Page No : 410-416
DOI : 10.37896/YMER23.05/39
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40 Title : A Review: Phytoconstituents, Activities, Chemical and Pharmacological Aspects of Saraca Asoca Plant
Author(s) : Rajat Sharma, Aishwarya Patil, Sanika Avachari, Trupti Morajkar, Sankalp Nagratna, Tanmay Pawar & Shubhangi Sutar
Page No : 417-426
DOI : 10.37896/YMER23.05/40
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